Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Was Bored With Survivor Caramoan

You all know by now that John Cochran won Survivor Caramoan. I was an avid Survivor viewer for years. Loved the show with all of its quirks. I watched season after season waiting to enjoy every moment. Something happened to me after four episodes of Survivor Caramoan, I got bored. I was shocked when I no longer looked forward to the show. I felt sad, but I could no longer bear to watch the show. I saw too many similar things in this Fans vs. Favorites show. It did not whet my appetite this season like it had in seasons past. I could not find any survivor that made me want to stand up and cheer. I actually did not care if any of them won or lost.

After five minutes of the final show, I was happy I missed the rest of the season. There were more tears in this show than I could personally bear. I am glad that John Cochran won, he deserved a break. I just hope the show is better next season. I want to turn on the television anticipating Survivor once again. Has this happened to anybody else or is it just me? Did any of you out there find yourselves bored with Survivor Caramoan this season?  Congrats to John Cochran, glad you won. Sorry you and your fellow survivors bored me to death......

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