Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My 2ND Week With Revolt

I look back at last week and realize it was a struggle. It wasn't the Revolt exercise and diet, but everything else. I actually appreciate the exercise and diet. I only lost one pound this week, but my doctor told me I am in good shape and it is going to be hard to lose weight. I will be amazed when I finally reach my 190 pound goal. The best thing about Revolt is learning to eat a better diet, this helps me the most.

I had a rough week. Wednesday, I caught a 24 hour stomach virus from my children. I'm a walking beer vendor, so Thursday we took a trip to the Player's Championship and worked four days out in the sun on the golf course. I stood within twenty feet of Tiger Woods at one point, was a great experience. I learned it is harder to stick to the exercise program and diet. The hotel breakfast did have fruit and oatmeal which was helpful. The restaurants did have a section for better (low calorie) foods, but it was tough. This was the first year, the Player's Championship had walking beer vendors and I believe the fans really appreciated us.

I came back and now I have a sinus infection and a wisdom tooth going bad in my mouth. I think week three with Revolt is going to be another interesting week. I hope to lose another one or two pounds. I also enjoy the Facebook part of the program. It is interesting paying attention to other people as they deal with struggles and succeed with the program. It gives you a lift to know other people are also trying their best to get into better shape. I still believe the diet is the most important part of Revolt for me, but the exercise does its work also. Let's hope we all have a great week three.

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