Friday, May 24, 2013

Housing Options for Single Moms

No matter where you live, raising a family on a single income is difficult. You want your children to have the safest, best childhood they could ever have, and sometimes it’s difficult to imagine being able to provide that for them on a single income. No matter what your story is, most cities and states have several assistance options available to you to ensure that you and your children have a safe, private space to live and a roof over your heads. Many transitional housing programs can help you get back up on your feet again. Everyone deals with bad luck sometimes, and you can turn it around if you’re willing to let others help.

Low Income Housing
Most cities have designated housing where the rent is lowered specifically to help individuals who need assistance. Some of these places offer adequate neighborhoods and good amenities, as well as providing a good amount of space for you and your children. Many of the people who live in these housing sections are single parents who, like you, are simply trying to raise good kids and make ends meet. Often communities of people will form within low income housing areas, which provide a good support system as you raise your kids.

Nonprofit Organizations
If you’re at risk of becoming homeless, reach out to the nonprofit organizations in your community who help with homelessness. These organizations have the goal of stopping homelessness before it starts, and many can hook you up with transitional housing that can help as you try to find an affordable living space. Sometimes these organizations can also provide you with connections to find a better job, or help with food assistance until you get back up on your feet. Many communities have after-school programs where your kids can get educational help and have a safe space to stay while you’re finishing your work day. Depending on your income, there may also be some medical and dental benefits available to you. Talk with the people who run these organizations to find out what your options are.

Religious Organizations
Many religious organizations also have outreaches to the community to help with community needs. If you are part of a religious organization, ask about community benevolence funds. Many religious organizations are usually also willing to help out with counseling for you or your children if there’s an emotional need resulting from a divorce, death, or an abusive situation. Their hope is to see you and your kids get back up on your feet to live the healthy, happy lives you deserve to live.

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