Monday, May 6, 2013

Review Of Captain Jack Sparrow Child Costume

I was sent the Captain Jack Sparrow Child Costume to review. My nine year old son is the model. If you know guys, you know we love pirates and Jack Sparrow is that perfect pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides. If you check out the pictures, you will see my son is trying to go out for the next in this series of movies. He looks cool in the Jack Sparrow Costume.

The costume looks cool and my son says it fits perfectly. This is good news because this kid complains about everything. Send him out in a ship to look for treasure and he will ask you where the video games are. He is just that type of kid. You ask him if he wants to do something and it always comes back to video games.

The adventure will begin this next Halloween because Kyle will be Captain Jack Sparrow. I believe he is the perfect type to be a pirate. He would have been one of those adventurous types back in the day. Today, he is a video game expect. I am sure this sounds like your son too.
Don't let his cut face get you, this pirate is dangerous. Give him a sword and you are in trouble. I love this costume because it is really fun for kids. Not sure what we will use for boots, but we will figure it out. If you are somewhere near Tampa, Florida on Halloween, and you see a pirate, don't worry, it's just Kyle. I promise you he won't hurt you.... Unless you have gold or (better yet) video games he might enjoy.

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