Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Best Places To Develop 35MM Film

I love photography and recently bought a EOS Rebel TI SLR film camera off of EBay for fifty dollars. The camera is in beautiful shape and takes wonderful pictures. Because of the digital age, finding the right place (at the right price) to develop 35MM film was tougher than I expected. These are the best places I found to develop 35MM film

1. Costco-It took me three months of searching, but I finally found out that Costco is the best place to develop your 35MM film. It will only cost you $4.00 to develop a roll of 24 pictures at Costco. They offer 4x6 pictures in glossy or matte, if you have a 35MM film camera, you know this is an incredible price. Costco will also develop your film in 5x7 for a couple dollars more. You will have to be a paid member of Costco to use their film development, but it is worth it if you are a film camera enthusiast. Costco offers one hour film processing. Many Costco stores have stopped developing film because it is no longer cost effective 1-09-13 update

2. Walgreens-Walgreens is not nearly as cheap as Costco when it comes to 35MM film processing. Walgreens charges 9.99 to develop 24 pictures, but they offer one hour service, good quality photos and will not charge you for messed up photos. Walgreens is a good option if you do not want to join Costco for a nominal fee. Walgreens continues to develop film

3. Snapfish-Snapfish is an online film development company-they also do digital prints, but we are more interested in their film development. Because Snapfish is an online film developer, you have to sign up for their service online. If you want them to develop your pictures, they will send envelopes to your home, you drop the film into the envelopes and send it back. You will need your credit card, address (Snapfish will actually send your pictures to your local Wal-Mart if you prefer) cost is 2.99 and 1.99 shipping per roll of up to 27 pictures. Snapfish is good quality, but will take longer than Costco and Walgreens. Snapfish also lets you prepay and save money, $2.69 per roll for ten or more rolls, 15 rolls at $2.59, 20 rolls at $2.39 and 50 rolls at $1.99 per roll.

4.Mpix-I learned of about this company from a comment giving to me in this article. This company seems cool and I will likely try them in the future because our Costco decided not to do film prints anymore. The Mpix Difference
The choice to use Mpix includes the experience and professionalism of a company with a rich history in photography, exceptional customer service and true pride in our products.
K-Mart-I don't know the facts, but heard through the grapevine, they are still developing 35MM film
Your first step in ordering prints is to choose one of two options. Our standard option allows you to choose between three premium papers and includes our expert color correction service: a department of color techs solely dedicated to enhancing your photos with consistently bold color.
The second option, 19 cent prints, gives you an economical way to order without sacrificing the quality of an Mpix photo. Our 19 cent prints come in three sizes, are printed on our premium E-Surface paper and do not include color correction.

These are the best places to develop your 35MM film. I enjoyed Costco because they are cheap, great picture development and I use their store for shopping anyway. It is a shame they decided not to develop film anymore. Walgreens is good if you are in a hurry, don't care how much you pay and don't want to send your pictures through the mail. Snapfish is a good option if you take a ton of pictures and don't mind waiting for them to come through the mail. Snapfish is pretty fast for their type of 35MM film developing service. If you still have a 35MM camera and love to take pictures, Costco, Walgreens and Snapfish are your best options. I thank everybody for their information and updates from their areas of the country. This information helps all of us who love the art of photography.





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