Thursday, May 23, 2013

All3Sports Triathlon Shoes For A Better Fit

Wearing the brightest color shoes at a race won't actually make you faster, but it sure looks like it. It never hurts to intimidate the competition, so why not pick a super flashy pair of shoes? They're pretty trendy now days, anyways. If flashy neon isn't your color, however, still has shoes you'll enjoy. Most important, of course, is that the shoes are functional. When you're doing a triathlon, it's essential to protect your feet. Good shoes not only keep you comfortable and enable you to perform better, but they also protect your feet from serious injury. That's why All3Sports carries only well-engineered shoes from top sports brands like Zoot, K-Swiss, and Newton Running. Even if you already have a favorite pair of running shoes, you may want a special pair that will work for both running and cycling in a triathlon, and be ultra-comfortable and supportive over the long distance you'll travel. It's also important to keep your shoes in good shape and replace them regularly. This is necessary as the cushioning wears down and becomes less elastic. All3Sports triathlon shoes are designed to last as long as possible, provide ultimate foot protection in the race, and look great - all for a reasonable price.

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