Monday, May 27, 2013

Viviscal Man Hair Growth Program

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Dad Central Consulting for Viviscal. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

I admit it, I am getting old. I noticed recently that my hair is thinning. It is bad enough that I have to deal with the pains of becoming older, now I have to deal with hair loss. I was given the opportunity to try Viviscal man Hair Growth Program which promotes existing hair growth from within. This product nourishes thinning hair, the perfect product for somebody like me to check out.
As you can see by the pictures, my hair is getting thinner with age. I will be starting this program tomorrow in hopes that it will put some thickness back into my hair. This hair thinning crept up on me and I am hoping I do not lose my hair. As a man, I think I look and feel older with thinning hair. My father is bald and my brother is also losing his hair. I think if there is a way to bring back my thick head of hair, it is a good choice for me. Viviscal man is allowing me to try this product, so all of us can see how it works for me. Stay tuned to see how this product works. If you want to try Viviscal man, they are offering a 10 percent discount through Walgreens.comTo take advantage of this discount readers can enter the promo code “VIVISCALMAN” at checkout. This offer runs through the month of July.

I don't like the fact, I am getting old. I also don't like knowing most of the men in my family eventually go bald. I look forward to the results from Viviscal man hair growth program. Life is filled with so many obstacles, I don't want mine to do with becoming bald. Here are some link to tell you more about this great  product. If this product works as good as I believe it will, I will tell my brother about it because he has more thinning hair than I do.

The truth is that hair loss in men is most often a gradual process leading to permanent hair loss in portions of the scalp.  Viviscal Man takes the approach of nourishing the existing hair so that hair follicles are able to produce hair for a longer time thereby allowing you to keep your own hair longer.
Viviscal Man - clinically proven - nourishes the hair where it matters, from the inside.   There are no prescriptions or surgical processes involved with the Viviscal Man program.  Viviscal Man is a 100% drug-free hair growth vitamin supplement. This is what I like about Viviscal. After looking into the product, I realize I am taking a vitamin supplement for my hair that is nutritious and helps promote hair growth. This way, I don't have to worry about putting bad things into my body that may hurt me. I was always afraid to use products in the past for hair growth because I thought the ingredients would do more harm than good. I look forward to natural hair growth.

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