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Vitamin C Serum Information Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


Vitamin C Serum is often called “Miracle in a Bottle” and with good reason.  It works!  Now you don’t have to have a facelift to look as if you have.  While many products claim to reverse aging, Vitamin C Serum really works and is scientifically proven. 


Vitamin C is, of course, the main ingredient in Vitamin C Serum.  Vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid (absorbate) is an essential nutrient for humans.  Its value is priceless, providing healthy skin, hair and nails, helping the body to heal wounds and repairing and maintaining cartilage, teeth and bones.  

Vitamin C can help prevent illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and arthritis and can help speed up recovery time when you do catch a cold or the flu.  In addition to all of those benefits, vitamin C is an anti-oxidant as well.

Fruits, especially citrus, and vegetables, especially red and green ones are rich in vitamin C.  Lemons, oranges, red and green peppers, tomatoes and broccoli are all excellent sources.  Fruit and vegetable juices are usually high in vitamin C.  


Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant.  It works to protect your cells from the harm of free radicals.  Free radicals attack cells, injure them and damage the DNA.  They grow abnormally and reproduce quickly and abnormally as well.  When free radicals damage cells, over time it causes aging.

The good news is that anti-oxidants keep free radicals under control.  That is to say they prevent free radicals from damaging cells and causing undo aging.  Although the body produces anti-oxidants naturally, free radicals are constantly coming at us through inside sources such as stress, smoking, drinking alcohol and chemicals in our food and water.  They also come at us through outside sources such as the sun, air pollution, pesticides and other toxins which is why it is next to impossible for the body to supply enough anti-oxidants.  

Anti-oxidants, like vitamin C, can be supplemented into the body in many forms.  The best method to do so depends on what the body needs.  For a cold, drinking it in liquid form is the fastest acting way to supplement but for skin, applying it on in a lotion, cream or serum is optimal.


Another very important ingredient vitamin C contains is collagen.  Collagen is the main structural protein, the connective tissues that keep your skin tight and firm and provides elasticity that keeps the skin in place rather than sagging.  Collagen is, or should be, constantly renewing and reviving cells.  It is imperative for supple youthful looking skin.

Collagen is a natural structural support for the body.  It is a protein and is the main constituent of  connective tissue that holds the body’s parts together like ligaments, tendons,  muscle, blood vessels, intervertebral discs and of course, the skin.  

Collagen breaks down as we age.  That is why our skin loses elasticity and becomes looser.  The collagen that once held the skin snugly in shape is no longer supporting and holding it intact like it once did.  It becomes thin, wrinkled and droopy.   

Vitamin C boosts collagen.  It plays a big part in how the production of collagen actually takes place because it is in the cells, where the process first begins.  In the cell, Vitamin C adds hydrogen and oxygen to two amino acids called proline and lysine which creates procollagen.  Once outside the cell, procollagen becomes collagen.  

Collagen plays a big role in restoring damaged skin. Dermal fibroblasts are made up of collagen.  They generate and maintain connective tissue and help wounds heal.  

When vitamin C is lacking or absent, the production of collagen slows or stops all together and it becomes evident in many ways, one being the diminishing health of the skin.  We just look old and tired.  But when vitamin C is abundant, collagen production will flow.  The skin will regain its elasticity and begin to look young again.


With the importance of vitamin C established, it is imperative to note the quality of the vitamin C used in the serum will determine if works or doesn’t work.  It’s as simple as that.  You can’t expect good results from a product if the main ingredient is not good.  

On the other hand, if the vitamin C the serum contains is top notch, the end product will be too.  You will notice a difference in the look and feel of your skin and you will begin to hear comments like, “You sure are looking younger these days.”  

Quality over quantity?  Of course you don’t want a product that skimps on quality but in the case of Vitamin C Serum, you don’t want one that cheats you on quantity either.  There are a number of serums on the market that contain less than 10% vitamin C.  

Fifteen percent is a decent amount but anything over that is excellent.  Remember, vitamin C is the key ingredient that will anti-oxidate, boost collagen and provide a slew of other benefits to reverse the aging process of your skin.


Serum matters!  The serum used in a Vitamin C Serum product is another ingredient that will make or break the effectiveness.  The serum is what is used for the delivery system, or suspension.  It is what the vitamin C base is put into.

Vitamin C has a short shelf life in that when it is exposed to air, it undergoes oxidation.   When it oxidates, it can not only be ineffective but harmful as well.  Remember that oxidation can encourage free radicals which are the antagonists of aging, so it is extremely unwise to use a product that contains the very thing you are trying to fight against.

You need a Vitamin C Serum that not only starts out as a great product but ends up as one too.  If you purchase a gallon of milk and leave it in the hot car all day, it doesn’t matter how fresh it was when you got it off the shelf, it is spoiled and useless.  

The same is true with Vitamin C Serum so to ensure it reaches you in the same great quality it started out as, it is of utmost importance to use an excellent delivery system that of which is the serum.


Ingredients added to Vitamin C Serum can be a bonus or simply fillers.  You should watch out for fillers as they not only waste your money but can actually be harmful.  Some products dilute the serum so watch for that as well.

Other ingredients can be beneficial in the anti-aging process and compliment the vitamin C base.  Aloe products are soothing, healing and possess skin-softening qualities.  Jojoba oil is wonderful for your skin and can help combat aging too.  Geranium oil is another age defender that is very good for your skin.  

Be sure to read the label to find out if what is in your serum is friend or foe.  Some botanicals and essential oils also have proper names that may sound scary but actually add to the effectiveness of the product, while other additives may sound beneficial and be quite the opposite.  It is important to do your homework.


Hyaluronic Acid, or Hyaluronan, is produced by bacteria and is used for treating folds and wrinkles in the skin.  It also goes by the brand name Restylane or Restylane-L.  The substance is produced naturally within the body and is what gives the skin plumpness and fullness which keeps it from creasing up.  

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance found throughout our body in synovial fluid, connective tissue and various other tissues. It is found in the highest concentrations in fluids of the eyes and joints.

Although our bodies produce Hyaluronic Acid, as we age skin cells slow down the production of this anti-aging compound or simply change how it functions in the body.  That is why it is a popular ingredient in anti-aging products.

Hyaluronic Acid is found in synovial fluid, connective tissue and various other tissues.  One important role it plays is to help our bodies absorb shock more gracefully such as in our joints.  Skin tissues loves Hyaluronic Acid too because it minimizes skin damage by aiding the skin repair process, promoting collagen and drawing water in which makes the skin tissue plump up.  

Hyaluronic Acid can be derived from various sources.  It is important Hyaluronic Acid not animal based. Check the label.  It is usually referred to as non-animal stabilization Hyaluronic Acid or NASHA.

One way in which Hyaluronic Acid can be used on the skin is by injection into the wrinkled skin.  It can also be injected into lips. This injection filling reduces fine lines and wrinkles and adds fullness because it attracts and binds water.  The effects can last for up to six months and sometimes even longer. But there is a less painful way.

Moisturizers, creams and serums are also available that contain Hyaluronic Acid.  Basically they do the same as injections but do so at a slower pace and are much less invasive.  Some people apply Hyaluronic Acid to the skin for healing wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a moisturizer.

The miracle marvel can also be found in foods, especially in a small village called Yuzuriahara in Japan where the townspeople are noticeably younger looking.  According to some recent studies, scientists believe that satsumaimo, satioimo (sticky potatoes), the root vegetable konyaku and potato root imoji are rich in Hyaluronic Acid.

Supplements are available as well.  It may help reduce inflammation, relieve pain, restore joint fluids, and protect against cartilage breakdown in osteoarthritis patients but the most popular use is for combating the aging process.

Whether in its most potent form of injectable solution or in a topical application or supplement, the fact is that Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most effective treatments to halt the aging process and is certainly worth checking into.


While no one or nothing can actually turn back the hands of time, it is certainly possible to look as if you did.  You can achieve beautiful healthy skin with a radiant youthful glow simply by regular use of Vitamin C Serum.  It is said to be a miracle and although it does seem like one, it is actually a scientifically based and proven product that it brought to you compliments of nature.  It seems like just this once; perhaps Mother Nature has fooled herself.

You can buy this Vitamin C Serum on Amazon. The above is the information about the product. It takes 2-6 months to work correctly, depending on the individual. I ordered the product on Amazon, they sent the product in three days and it was packaged well. The bottle is glass and it made it here safely. The one problem I had was the wording on the bottle is quite small. I will be fifty this year and it takes reading glasses to read the instructions. I opened the product and it really doesn't have an odor. We will try it and see how it works for us. I will show results when I have news. I do like all the above information about the product because it is very helpful. Check out Their Website for more helpful information

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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