Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Unacceptable Reasons for Wrongful Termination at Work

The economy and new federal health care laws make it very tough for small businesses to survive. That often means letting people go. It is never welcome news when a struggling employer announces that staff will be dismissed because the company is downsizing. It is even worse when you are one of them. Many termination reasons are acceptable, while others are not. Are you convinced that you were wrongfully dismissed? Act at once. Schedule a consultation with a legal firm like the Law Offices of Mark A. Osman. An expert can determine whether you have a case and whether the employer violated the FEHA or similar statutes. Here are several common reasons that might justify wrongful termination lawsuits in California.

1. Discrimination

During a wrongful termination case, facts will be carefully analyzed. That means that if you are criticizing your former boss for discriminating practices, you better have more than accusations. Collect proof that you were dismissed from your job because of your gender, race, age, disability, religious or political beliefs, or ethnic background.

2. Harassment

Although this is some form of discrimination, many courts pay extra attention to this issue. There are many different types of aggravation. Abuse can be verbal or physical. An employer cannot bully staff members into doing certain chores, regardless if they are of a personal or professional nature. Contact an attorney if you were fired for refusing romantic advances or did not want to participate in illegal activities.

3. Breach of Contract

It is a violation to terminate employees who have a contract with explicit promises concerning the duration of their employment. Give your attorney a copy of the contract for review. He or she needs to study the details before filing an official complaint. Employers have also been caught violating the company’s termination policies. Look into the details.

4. Retaliation

Business owners do not take it well when employees file a complaint against them for violating the law. They often make the whistleblower’s life miserable. If the informant of illegal activities or unsafe work environments puts up with the changes and does not quit, he or she may eventually be terminated. Employment attorneys like the Law Offices of Mark A. Osman can challenge the company’s actions in court, and protect the rights of unfairly discharged workers.

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