Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bundoo, A Great Resource Site For Parents

Disclaimer-I was giving the ability to use the Bundoo site completely for review purposes, the opinions about the site are my own.

When you are a parent, you know this time of the year is tough for your children. Your children go to school to learn and they come home with a bug. By the time you know what is happening, the entire family is sick. We just went through this. I am the last one who is dealing with this stomach bug. We took our children to the doctor, got medicine and they were both well in about a week.

Sometimes, you want answers before you make it to the doctor. My wife worries and always thinks the worst is happening with our kids. She always wished she had a place where she could ask a doctor a question at any time. Bundoo is one of those places where you can actually ask a pediatrician a question about your child's condition.  I like this part of Bundoo because it puts my wife's mind at ease. With Bundoo, you no longer have to pull your hair out when you are worried about something about your baby. This is perfect for my wife who has two sisters with newborn babies.

This is not the only thing about Bundoo. They have a bunch of articles that tell you things about health, nutrition, pregnancy and everything else you are interested about when it comes to your children. They divide the children into groups by age and tell you all kinds of helpful information. I love the site because it is educational.

Right now, I am trying to figure out a more nutritious diet for my children and getting them more exercise. In today's world, kids don't always play outside as much as they should. Part of is is electronic entertainment and part of it is outside is not as safe as it used to be. I used to roam the streets as a kid, but here in Florida I don't trust the world around my children. There are too many bad people and many others who don't care enough about the safety of our children. Bundoo gives us ideas about all of this and more. The article "Is Organic Food Better For Kids?" is a great example. The author explains everything simply and in detail, making it understandable to everybody. Love this site, my wife and I will use it for all of the great information and ideas.

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