Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tips For Storing and Organizing Family Photos

The digital world of photography has taken us by storm, and many families have thousands of digital photo files saved on a computer instead of printing them out. Before the dawning of digital photography, we ran the risk of losing photos in a fire, flood, or tornado. Now we run the risk of losing them because of corrupted files and crashed hard drives. Thankfully, it’s super easy to organize and store your photos online where you can access them anywhere, even if you should lose or break a computer. Here are a few tips for ensuring that your photographs last for years and bless future generations of your family.
Save Printed Photos
Chances are you have a whole library of old photos that only exist in printed form, from the 1990s and earlier. Before it’s too late, take some time to sort out the printed photos you couldn’t live without, and scan them in to a computer to create digital files. Keep the precious ones safe in a fire-proof safe, but also keep digital files.  That way you’ll have both tucked away in a safe place. Digital files are also convenient for sharing with friends and family without losing your original photograph.
Upload Photos to Cloud
Invest in a cloud service with lots of storage space like cheap cloud server hosting by HYPERLINK "http://www.togglebox.com/cloudservers.php"ToggleBox. Photos can be large files, especially if you want the ability later to make enlargements or print them preserving the quality. You’ll need a lot of storage space, so first invest in something that will hold all your files for years to come. That way you can stick to your organizational system without having to move everything again later. Set a schedule for yourself to weekly back up all your precious photos and videos, so you’ll not only have them stored on your computer, but also on a remote server. You can also upload and save important family documents.
Create Family Photo Books with Online Sites
Today on the Internet there are several sites that allow you to create online photo books, which not only provides you with a way to create long lasting memories in a fun way, but this also allows you to keep your photos combined in a physical book that is mailed to you. In addition these sites give you the option of choosing from different themes, collages, sayings, and other creative ways to make your photo books individual and just the way you like them.
Share Photos

Once you have a backup system and have organized your photos, it’s easy to share them with friends and family. By uploading the photos to your favorite social media site, or sending them directly to friends and family, you preserve an additional copy of them in case you need it in the future. You’ll be able to bless them with a memory and also be creating an additional layer of security to be sure your memories aren’t lost. Your memories are worth protecting – take the steps you need in order to ensure they will last awhile. 

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