Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Move in Ready: Preparing for Change

You’ve found the home of your dreams and now it’s time to get packed up and moved in. Even though this is an exciting time it may seem overwhelming to pack, organize, and move into a new home. You may find it difficult to stay organized during this big change. The good news is that a month before your big move there are steps you can take to eliminate stress so that the move will go smoothly. If you begin packing, separating valuables, do a change of address, notify friends and family, and decide what areas of your new home need improvements, you’ll feel organized and ready to embrace your new home right away.

Get Packed Up

Packing can be a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Begin by packing the items you use infrequently, such as old college sweaters and Christmas decorations. Depending on the amount of time you have to pack, organize and label the boxes at your leisure. If there are more expensive items in certain boxes label them so that you’ll know where to find the items later on.

Select a Mover and Setup the Arrangements

A big part of moving is finding a reliable mover and setting up the time and date you want them to load up your boxes and furniture and move you to your new home. Do your research by asking neighbors, friends, and family. If you don’t know anyone who has recently moved and has reliable movers you can look on Yelp or another site online that has reliable referrals. Once you have a time and date set up you’ll feel thankful that you got that out of the way.

Schedule Home Improvements

If you already have home improvements in mind before or after you move in, it doesn’t hurt to schedule them now. If you’re thinking that you would like your kitchen countertops redone you can save by meeting with a home specialist. Discover a large selection of granite countertop colors that will match your kitchen and look incredible. What’s more you can also get a free estimate on your kitchen or home so you’ll know how much money to put aside for the project.

Change of Address

Since your address will soon be changing you can plan ahead and fill out a change-of-address form now. You can do it online or pick up a form locally at a post office. Even though you’re filling out the form though you can ask the new residents to be on the lookout for any mail of yours that may pop up. You can also ask them a few weeks after the move if you feel comfortable doing so. 

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