Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Maxgate™ Generic Oral B Compatible for Your Floss Action Toothbrush Replacement Heads Review

So everybody knows, this is how my reviews work. I will copy information about the product from Amazon, so you get the information from the companies own mouth about the product I will add a picture, then I will give you an opinion about the product in my own words. I think it is important to have the information from the company and an unbiased opinion, so you know the most about each particular product.

  • #1 DENTIST RECOMMENDED MAXGATE DELUXE™ ORAL B REPLACEMENT BRUSH HEADS ➔ The best substitute for Branded Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads
  • ★ SUPERIOR QUALITY ➔ Proven to carry premium toothbrush heads quality and provide the best experience, unlike knock-offs that only claim to be as good as name-brand heads
  • ★ HOT BARGAIN - BEST OFFER ➔ Works perfectly just as well as the braun floss action toothbrush heads, the only difference
  • ★ DELIVER ALL FLOSS ACTION'S BENEFITS ➔ Your outstanding toothbrush comes with Plaque Removal, Dual Action Cleaning, Micropulse and Gum Health. Maxgate Premium™ is the only smart alternative to getting the maximum benefit from your toothbrush.being the price
  • ★ 20 PCS Tooth brush Heads Replacement for FLOSS ACTION brush heads ➔ These are 20pcs/5pack of soft bristle brush heads with colored identifier rings. Type: EB25-A Pack: 4 pcs in one pack Compatibility: Triumph, Professional Care, Vitality, & Advance Power. (except Sonic and Cross action) Professional Care: 50000, 550, 1000, 3000, 2000, 600 , 1000 ,3250, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7400, 7500, 7550, 7850, 7875, 8000, 8300, 8500, 8850, 8860, 8875, 8900, 8950, 3D Excel, Plak Control 3D Triumph Professional Care: 9000, 9100, 9400, 9425, 9450, 9475, 9500, 9900, 9910, 9930, 9950 Trizone: 600,1000,3000,5000 Triumph: 5000 wireless SmartGuide, 4000, Triumph 5000 inkl. Smart Guide Smart Series: 4000, 4750, 5000, SmartSeries 4000 , SmartSeries 5000 with SmartGuide, Oral B Vitality Precision Clean Oral B Sensitive Clean Oral B White Clean Advance Power: 400, 450, 450TX, 800, 850, 900, 950, 950TX, Plak Control: Duo, Travel, Duo Interclean: IC2522, ID2021, ID2025, ID2025T Pro Health: Precision Clean, Dual Clean Vitality: Precision Clean, Dual Clean, Trizone, Sensitive, Floss Action , Pro white Pro-Health Precision Clean
I received this product in exchange for an honest review. These replacement heads fit and work great on my Oral B toothbrush. I notice one difference. The circular colorful piece is already on these replacements. On the Oral B replacement heads, they are loose. These brush my teeth the same way and they do the job. I don't know how long they last yet, but seem to hold up. The price right, considering how much you pay in the store for these replacements. They also work on my kids toothbrushes, which are another variety of Oral B toothbrush.

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