Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Working For A Chemical Finance Company

My wife has worked with finances her entire career. She has worked with chemical m&a and various other types of companies. Now she works with a company that sells fertilizers to nearly every country in the world. My wife is an accountant, that does the numbers and keeps the companies finances flowing correctly. She is good at her job and she loves the numbers that surrounds her company.

Once in awhile we have to take a trip to the chemical plants that make the fertilizers and check them out. They show us how things run and let us know about their part of the business. It is interesting to take the tour and meet the people who are behind the company my wife works for. My wife does a good job with her company and she is paid well for all her hard work. I have fun taking the trip for the educational value I receive.

Sometimes my wife has to deal with the chemical m&a advisory. This isn't her favorite part of the job, but it must be done. I know my wife wishes she could spend all her time just figuring out the company's finances, but they give her other jobs that relate to the company. She has to do the job and develop a lunch and learn to teach her fellow employees. I hear a lot about finance when my wife comes home. To me, working with finances (in a huge chemical company) seems to be worthwhile and a whole lot of fun.

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