Thursday, October 25, 2012

Buying That Summer Home In Kansas City

I am a real estate nerd. I love to check out real estate for sale on the internet. My sister and brother live in New York and I live in Florida. I used to live in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky. My brother lived in Oklahoma and my sister lived in Kansas City. My sister tells me she would love to move away from New York. She believes the place she live is boring and she is tired of it. I would love to buy a summer home where the family could come together and spend two weeks together each year. I decided to check out kansas city real estate because my sister is familiar with that part of the country.

My sister has many good memories of Kansas City. She loved the place, the weather and the people. I would actually love to visit the place with my sister. We have a plan to take a vacation and check out the place and see what we think. Will Kansas City be the place where we buy a family summer home? You can buy a nice home in Kansas City for a good price. It would be worth the trip to check out some places and spend some time with my sister.

Buying real estate now is a good deal for the buyer. The interest rates are at a historical low and the options are numerous. I do hope by the time I retire, the interest rates are higher because at today's rate, it hurts our retirement portfolio. When the economy is weak, you can pick up properties at incredible prices and that is an excellent deal for the buyer.

If you want to buy a new home or summer home, now is the best time to buy. You can get the best deal of your life and the interest rates will save you a ton of money in the long run. Here's to the rest of you real estate nerds, happy searching and happy buying. I hope you find your dream home. We will continue to look until we find that perfect home that fits our entire family. I can't wait until we find our new summer home and have the entire family over for a family reunion.

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