Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Will Vote For Mitt Romney For My Children's Future

I will vote for Mitt Romney for my children. Over the past four years, the economy in Florida has fallen apart. I have service jobs, so the bad economy hurts me more. When people lose their jobs, they buy less pizza and beer. I am a pizza delivery guy and an in the stands beer vendor. I work these two jobs because I spent the past eight years as a stay at home father by day and these were the jobs I was able to get.

President Obama made a bunch of promises before he was elected. He would create millions of jobs and cut the deficit in half. Instead, President Obama lost millions of jobs with his mismanagement and the deficit rose 6 more trillion dollars. He blames everything he did on President Bush and wants to shove an expensive government healthcare down our throats. My children do not need this much debt. They will have to pay high taxes for the rest of their lives with liberal Presidents in the White House.

So why would I vote for Mitt Romney. The man is a businessman and he knows how to create jobs. Obama says he sent jobs to China, but this is one of the millions of lies that are being thrown at the man to keep President Obama in office. Mitt Romney knows how create jobs and he knows how to manage huge businesses. He brought the Olympics out of bankruptcy and he is actually a really nice guy with a big heart. My children need a President that is willing to do what he must to get our country on the right track.

Because of this horrible economy, dad has had to work too many hours. My eight year old son asked me to take the day off yesterday to spend some time with him. I realized I have been working almost every day just to live paycheck to paycheck. I don't want four more years of this financial mess. My children deserve better...

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