Thursday, October 25, 2012

When You Need A Tow In San Jose

I had to pick my daughter up from the airport. I have physical custody, but she wanted to live with her mother when she became a teenager. She missed a lot of time as a little girl spending time with mom because mom was spending time with her friends and partying. My daughter was flying in for a two week vacation. I drove the car to the airport with no problems. I picked up my daughter and we began the twenty mile journey home. We reached the toll booth and and the car broke down. This was not the way I had planned out my first day with my daughter in town.

People behind us were angry and they began to beep at us. There was nothing we could do because our car would not start. Something died and this car was done for the day. Some of the people stuck behind us finally got the point. We were not moving until we had some help from our friends. Four guys got out of their cars, came up to us and helped push our car through the toll booth. The toll operator told us we could park by the office. The guys pushed us there, we thanked them and I called Tow Truck San Jose to get a tow. They were very nice and helpful on the telephone and told me they would be there to pick us up as soon as possible.

The tow arrived in about an hour. The driver was very friendly and helpful. He gave us some cold water and drove us to our house. We gave him our card and he took care of the rest. I asked him to drop my car off at the mechanic on the way home, which he did. Our car was fixed in a day and I was back on the road. The alternator had died without warning and cost me quite a few bucks to fix. My friend drove me to pick up my car and it drove perfectly.

It was nice to get hooked up with a good tow company with a friendly driver. When you are in a pinch it is great to meet people who do their job well. When your day is going bad, it is even better to meet people who treat you like you are the most important customer every time. I have dealt with good companies and bad. On that day, it was good to meet people who actually care about what happens to their fellow man.

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the points and views are my own.

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