Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reading isn't just fundamental, it's CRITICAL

Reading is critical in today's world. Our children do not read enough because they are attracted by computer games, cell phones and television. I remember as a kid, each book I read was an adventure. I know I did not have all the distractions as the children do in today's world, but I grew to love reading books.

McNeill Designs wants its You've been Sentenced! card game -- already the winner of 23 national awards -- developed into apps for mobile devices and interactive whiteboards. While the game was designed for family-fun, it is inherently educational and our goal is to have apps that can address family-fun but, more importantly, facilitate educational use in the classroom. The funds raised here will allow us to complete that goal. If this project becomes overfunded, we will provide even greater enhancements for the games educational use so we can hopefully reach more students and get them reading.
Illiteracy causes great social ills and costs our society tremendously, as you can see in our video. You've been Sentenced! is a simple game that makes it fun for students to want to learn to read and communicate effectively. It also provides a seriously hilarious learning method that helps increase retention. Please help us in our fight against illiteracy because reading is not just fundamental...it's critical!
Since sales of You've been Sentenced! began, a portion of the proceeds have gone to support Success Won't Wait! in their efforts to help fight illiteracy. www.SuccessWontWait.org 

Go here if you want to fund this important project.

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