Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Google and Golf, The Two Games That Break My Heart

I love golf, but I am not a good golfer. When I play golf, the animals run deeper into the woods and the fish swim to the bottom of the pond. Google happens to have the same affect on my. Whenever I think I figured out the internet giant, they change.

At least golf keeps the same rules all of the time. You have to hit a tiny ball 500 hundred yards, directly at a flag and into a hole. You aren't supposed to hit the ball into the woods, at houses or in the pond. Some of us have the distinct ability to often miss our shots and leave the course in a frustrated mood. I have the same feelings when I deal with Google.

Google and golf are pretty much the same. You are shooting for a low score and you are often heart broken at the end of the day. Google is the big dog on the internet. They are like the Tiger Woods of golf. The pump their fists every day in victory, while the rest of us look at them with envy in our hearts. Why do I play these games? Because they are interesting and get your heart beating until (of course) you find your ball flying fifty yards into a sea of trees.

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