Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Try an Inversion Table For A Healthy Back

I hurt my back when my children were little. I would lift them out of their car seats and they would jump around in my arms. Before I knew it, I had thrown my back out and found myself at the doctor's office. He saw my children and asked me if I carried them around. I told him how they jumped in my arms when I pulled them out of their car seat. He told me my children jumping around threw out my back. He referred me to a chiropractor and gave me some ideas on how to keep my back in good shape. He told me it would be a good idea for me to get an inversion table. I thought my doctor was nuts until I took a visit to the chiropractor.

I went to the chiropractor on the same day. He took x-rays and told me he could fix my back. He told me it would take quite a few visits, but he could fix it. He showed me how my lower back was not in the right place. The burly man then took me, pushed on me and I felt my back pop. My back felt better, but he told me it would take awhile to get my back into shape. I went home and called my brother. My brother taught me some exercises to help pop my back to where it belonged. I tried the exercises and they actually worked.

I actually didn't want to go back to the chiropractor. He was expensive and the exercises seemed to do the same trick. They were easy to do and did not cost me a dime. I decided I would rather do the back exercises and use the money I saved to get an inversion table. I looked the inversion table up on the internet and learned it can improve your back. This was much more interesting to me than a big burly man hugging me and popping my back into place. I felt very strange being hugged by another man, regardless of whether he was a chiropractor and/or a stranger. The back exercises work good and I did get a chance to try out an inversion table before I bought one. I think I can get used to it and I know my back is worth it. We only have one back and we need it for our entire life.

This is a sponsored post for Healthy Back, however, all the points and 
views are my own.

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