Thursday, October 25, 2012

Enyoying Golf In Sunny Florida

I love to play golf. I am not good at it, but I love it. I try to play whenever I can even though it is an expensive sport. You have to buy golf clubs, shoes, balls and other things before you even step on to the course. You could pick up a used set of clubs at a garage sale, but they never work as well as a good set of clubs. The golf courses are expensive in Florida because everybody wants to play golf in the sunny part of the world.

On November third, our church has a tournament at a local golf club. I am looking forward to the tournament because we eat, play golf and drink with our friends. It is a good time to meet some of the other men in the church and all proceeds go to charity. My friend and I will be playing together and both of us really look forward to a day of on the golf course. I believe I will buy both of us golf putters because we don't want to make fools of ourselves in front of the other men. We both have trouble putting because our putters have seen better days. I love to play golf and I look forward to each time I get the chance to step on to another course.

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