Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We All need A Little Help Sometimes

Our church has a chairlift, so handicapped people can make it upstairs without walking. The chairlift is not used often, but it comes in handy when somebody wants go make it upstairs and cannot do this on their own. We have a lot of elderly people in our church who sometimes use the upstairs for classes and important meetings. The stairlift comes in handy and makes their lives much easier. I see the chairlift every time I take my son to Cub Scouts because we have our meetings in the upper rooms of the church. I often wonder who uses the chairlift and I know it is there for a reason.

My friend was a terminal cancer patient for seven years. He was a tough guy, but the cancer was hard on his body. He had to use a cane and take many breaks to make it through every day. Chairlifts come in handy for people like my friend who find it hard to climb up stairs. My friend spent most of his time on the bottom floor because he did not have the money for a chairlift and had trouble climbing stairs. The upstairs of his house was not used very often for this reason. My friend finally gave in to his illness, but I will never forget his strength. He was the strongest man I have met in my life. In his sickness, he was strong and he never gave in to the cancer.

I always hope I am healthy when I finally retire. I want to play golf and enjoy my retirement. I used to work at a country club and I met many older people. Most of them were in their seventies and eighties. They were in good shape and many of them played golf every day of their lives. I believe staying active helps us when we get older and makes our lives easier. I know it is possible I may have to use a chairlift, but I sure hope not. If I do, I know there are companies who build chairlifts and they really care about the people they sell them to.

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