Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GoalZero Is A Power Solution For The Active Hiker

I love to go hiking up in the mountains. I love the exercise and I enjoy my time with nature. It is peaceful and a ton of fun. I believe it is good to get outdoors and get some good exercise. We live in a different time than we used to. Hikers used to send signals to people when they were in trouble. On some occasions, one man had to hike back to camp to let emergency people know his friend is hurt. It was hard to save your friend when it took you days to reach help.

I like to take a cell phone with me in case something bad happens and I need help. I usually hike with another person, but sometimes I find myself alone near the top of a mountain. This is why I make sure I have a GoalZero solar powered battery charger with me. You never know when your cell is going to be out of juice and you need to know you have the ability to call somebody if you need to.

The other problem you can have is your flashlight going out (at night time) when you need it. I can remember many times trying to find my way out of the woods with not light. The solar powered battery charger does wonders for people like me who like to keep going. The only problem I find now is trying to find a cell signal on my hikes. Sometimes, I have to walk up to a mile to find one, but usually I am able to make a call. Life is easier than it used to be, but nothing can be perfect when you like to hike up to the top of mountains.

I am teaching my children to enjoy the outdoors. We take a walk around the lake in our community every day, Who knows, someday they may throw on some gear and take a walk up to the top of a mountain with their father. My son walked up a small mountain with me. We walked to the top in June and actually found some snow in the middle of a crevice. Nature is cool and provides me with a ton of fun.

This is a sponsored post for Goal Zero, however, all the points and 
views are my own.

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