Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Plumbing Problems In Indiana

I used to own a log home in Indiana. We had a beautiful view of a mountain in front of us and woods behind us. Most mornings I would see deer outside my window feeding. It was a cool place to live until something terrible happened to the plumbing. This was the first place I ever owned and I knew nothing about sewers. Our sewer backed up and I didn't know what to do.

I was standing in the shower, taking a shower. Sewage began to seep out of the toilet and the drain of the shower. I jumped out of the shower just in the nick of time. I was lucky because none of the sewage got on me. It was a horrible mess and I did not know what to do. I dried myself up and put some clothes on. I called my friend Mark and asked him what I should do. He told, he would call the plumber for me. I shut the bathroom door and waited for his call. I also told my wife to stay out of the bathroom and not to use any water.

Mark called me back and told me the plumber would be there within the hour. The plumber called me, asked me a few questions and told me he was on his way. I waited patiently with my wife hoping the mess wasn't as bad as it looked. The plumber arrived as promised. He checked around the house, found a couple of problems and began working on them. My wife and I watched from the window because there was nothing else we could do to help.

The plumber fixed a pipe that had broken and pushed sewage into the house. He also told me he had to empty the sewer. It was overfilled and was seeping into the house. They brought in a truck and emptied the sewer. This took most of the afternoon. By evening, our plumbing was fixed. The plumber looked at the toilet and shower. He flushed the toilet a few times and washed some water through the shower. We were as good as new that night. We are lucky my friend knew a good plumber who could get the job done.

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