Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Communicating Within War Games

I love war games. I play them on my PlayStation 3 nearly every day. It is fun to compete online against the other players. I don't like the players who cheat. They learn how to boost and make it hard for you to shoot them. It is annoying when they laugh at you at the end of the game. Most of the players have microphones so they can talk to each other. The cheaters often laugh at the other players when they beat them. This is the one part about war games that I do not like.

I don't mind talking to other players during the game. However, it takes more concentration for me than other players. I believe this is because I am a middle-aged man and I don't know video game consoles like younger players. I did not grow up with computers and the video game systems we had were prehistoric. My wife does not understand why I like to play war games. She believes they are violent. I play them because they help me relax after a long day. When I shoot somebody in a war game, it is not violent. It is a competitive game like any other game. The only difference is our virtual players carry guns and the object is to kill the other players on the opposing team.

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