Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ABC Legal Are The Experts In Process Serving

A few weeks ago, I had a process server standing at my front door. I had to sign a paper which told me I had to be a witness in court. I showed up to court on time, but nobody was there. The lawyers made a mistake, they sent me to court on Columbus Day. The court was closed on Columbus Day. I finally got in touch with lawyers office. The secretary apologized to me for the miscommunication. The process server was supposed to tell me to call the lawyer, but he did not go through with his instructions. The secretary gave me $45 for showing up and told me a lawyer would eventually get in touch with me.

I would not have had this problem is my lawyer went through ABC Legal. ABC Legal is a professional server. They process with smarter solutions for law firms and their clients. This is the company I would have gone through, but I am not a lawyer. I am a witness who still has no idea when I will have to go to court to be a witness. Some legal firms are disorganized and don't make the right decisions when it comes to process serving. I know if the process server was more professional, I would not have wasted my time going down town expecting to be a witness in a courtroom.

When you choose a process server for your law firm, make the right choice. ABC Legal gets the job done right and fast. I choose companies that can get the job done in my business. You should do the same thing because it will save you a lot of time and your clients will be happier. Life is filled with decisions. Those who make the right decisions usually finish way ahead of those who do not. Make sure you make all of the right decisions when it comes to process serving. Stick with that company that will get the job done right. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry. I am sorry my lawyer chose the wrong process server who didn't follow directions.

This is a sponsored post for ABC Legal, however, all the points and 
views are my own.

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