Friday, October 26, 2012

Leave Web Design To The Experts

I am not smart when it comes to web design. I never took any classes and it all looks Greek to me. That is why I have to go to the experts when it comes to web design. When I am in New York, I hook up with new york web design to help me with my web design. They know what they are doing and this makes my job much easier. Sometimes, I think I should go to college to learn web design myself, but who has the time. Life is busy and business makes it busier. This doesn't include family and the time we want to spend with our wives and our children.

I have a friend who went to college for computers. He sets up computers for companies and helps them with their web design. I would rather have somebody else take care of my computers while I take care of my business. When I went through school, the computers were huge and we had no internet. We didn't learn the basics and I'm not sure if I have the capabilities to learn web design. I plan on leaving all of my web design to the experts. It has worked great so far and I don't plan on messing it up now.

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