Friday, March 7, 2014 Review

I was given the chance to review the site. When you go to the site, they offer you a free print right away. This does not include shipping. If you decide to buy prints on this site, don't just buy one. You should buy as many as you want, this way you can save on shipping and make it worth it to you.

To start, you click on the Get Started button. This brings you to a place where you get to download the pictures you want to make personalize prints for you and your family. The next stage allows you to personalize your pictures. You can add a personal message and some cute pictures to the photo. It's fun for the entire family. You can go to with your kids and let them personalize some cool pictures. They will love it.

If you are done, you can go to the cart and confirm your purchases. On this page, you check out what you are buying, you give your credit card information and your shipping information. The site is secure and you will be able to see your total price before you confirm your purchase.

There is more fun to this FrameEvent site. You can get the whole family together and make a photo collage. The only problem I had with this step is the site telling me my pictures were too small. I am not a picture genius. I don't know how to make my pictures bigger or smaller. Would love to be able to do this easily on their site. I'm also a big enough photo dummy who doesn't even know if the technology exists on sites like this, but it would be helpful.

When you finish your collage, you can go through the buying process. You can design collages that will fit into certain size frames. This way, you can have pictures of your family displayed all around your home. Love the site, even though i'm not the best with photos.  Each customer who orders through the website can get a free personalized print with every order and anyone purchasing more than one print will receive the most expensive print for free. This is something to think about when you like taking pictures and making prints of your photos. I give this site a Thumbs Up for those of us that love photos and like to print our memories. Their personalize pictures idea is a great one, allowing the entire family to share in on the fun.

I received a free print and frame for my review, but the views of this site are my own.

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