Friday, March 21, 2014 Review, For The Photo Enthusiast

I was given a product to review the site, but all the opinions are my own.

I had the chance to review They gave me a free print and an 8x10 frame to check out their site. I think the first thing to know is anybody can go to their site and get a free print, you have to pay shipping. I think it would be helpful for me to tell you how their website works.

You click on the Get Started button and then you can download any of your photos to their site. This was easy to do. I picked my photo, then it was time for me to pick the size of my picture. I am not a photo genius, so I did have trouble downloading a photo that matched the print size I wanted. I don't have the talent to change the sizes of pictures, so they stumped me here. If you are like my sister and can do anything with photos, you will do just fine. I suggest a box for photo dummies that helps people like me who are not technical geniuses.

Next, you can personalize your photo. You can write something cool and/or add a description. This can be cool if you like to make scrapbooks of your photos or just like cool pictures. I like where you can Get inspired. You can do photo prints, personalize photos and do multiple photos in one frame. The latter is cool if you have a family and love to save memories of a fun event. This is pretty much their site. A really cool photo site.

When you are done, you check out and pay your bill. Remember, the first print is free. After that, you choose what you want, pay for them and you get your photos in the mail. FrameEvent sent me a frame and their shipping was really fast. If you are looking to do something special with your photos, this is another great site to keep in mind. They even have a video to help you on your way through their site.

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