Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Great Gift Pack From Daddy&Company

Daddy&Company sent me this gift pack for review, the views are my own.
I was sent this gift pack to review, my niece is going to love it. The pack comes with a book that can be read in the bath with your little one. You can read it and not worry about getting it wet. It is made to get wet. Then there is the cute little rubber ducky ready to play with. This is very cute and will be a fun bath play toy for your special little one. Last, there is a box of Daddy's disposable diaper changing pads. If you are a dad, you know you take your baby to places where you wished you had diaper changing pads. I know I have been to many places that did not have facilities fit for our kids.

There are a lot of dads just like me who spend a ton of ton with their babies and children. I have been a working stay at home father for ten years. The job is busy, but it is worth every minute you get to spend with your kids. You also get the chance to respect all of the mothers who give their time to make sure our children are safe and taken care of. Daddy&Company gets it. They have allowed me to review many of their products and all of them are unique and fantastic gifts. If you have a baby or on the way or have a friend/loved one expecting, check out their great products. Dads everywhere will thank you when they receive their special gift. It's funny how I spend all this time taking care of my children and mom always seems to get all of the gifts. Yeah, mom deserves presents, but in our unique world, time to think of dad too. The world would be a much greater place if all dads pitched in a little more.

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