Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Essentials for Getting a Classic Shave

There have been a large number of different advancements that have been made with technology, which often impacts the ways that we do a variety of different things. Technology tends to make life easier and more comfortable, but this is not always true. In today’s world, most people will use a disposable razor and cheap shaving gel to shave. These tools are meant to make shaving quick and easy, but they can also cause a variety of different problems. Modern shaving methods will often result in a poor quality shave and razor burn, which is why many people are reverting back to the classical shave. Here is a quick look at the two essentials that you will need in order to get the best possible shave.

Shaving Brush

In order to get the best possible shave, you are going to need a shaving brush. These brushes can be made from synthetic materials, but they are usually made from animal hair. Boar and badger hair is extremely soft and they are both able to absorb an enormous amount of water. Because of both of these attributes, shaving brushes are able to easily open up your pores, while filling them with warm water and shaving cream. With your pores open, you will be able to more easily shave and cut away the hair, which will give you a better and less painful shave.

Safety Razor

In order to get the best classic shave, you will need to use a straight razor, which is an unprotected blade that can easily remove the hair from your face. The problem with using this type of razor is that it takes skill and experience to use properly, which is why you might want to consider using a safety razor. Safety razors are much easier to use and they also can offer a great shave. They also have a protected blade, so you do not have to worry about seriously injuring yourself if you make a slip or other mistake. Safety razors are also extremely cheap, often being cheaper than disposable razors, especially when you factor in the cost of additional replacement blades.

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