Monday, September 30, 2013

Oikos Greek Yogurt Dip-Cucumber Dill

I decided to try some Oikos Greek yogurt cucumber dill dip. I noticed the dip has 1/5 the fat of my traditional chip dip, less calories and is much better for you. I am not a fan of Greek Yogurt. I have tasted plenty of samples in the grocery store and I was not impressed. This was a huge step for me to try this dip. I bought my favorite chips, drove home and tried the dip. Was surprised how delicious Oilos Greek Yogurt tasted. It costs a bit more than my usual dip, but I believe it is worth the extra to eat healthier when I am in a snacking mood.

So far, Oikos has four flavors to choose from, French Onion, Cucumber Dill, Roasted Red Pepper, and Vegetable and Herb. I will try two of the other three if I can find them in my store. I am not a fan of french onion and our store only had one choice thus far, Cucumber Dill.


Try this yogurt dip out, your likely to love it and replace your usual dip that is not good for you anyway.....

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