Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Military Spouses Who Fight The Battle At Home

Military spouses are heroes in their own way. They keep things going in their families, while their spouse is taking care of business in other parts of the world. Often times, putting themselves in mortal danger. To be a military spouse, you have to be a strong person. sadly, the unemployment rate for military spouses is much higher than the average person. Many of them are highly educated and have the will to succeed. Many of them also do not know there are benefits that can help them go to college and give them a greater chance in the highly competitive work force. This infographic was provided courtesy of Vista College, they want all of our military spouses to succeed. They want them to have a better chance to improve their lives and get a better job. All of us should be proud of all of our military, their spouses and their families. They have given so much to all of us and it is time for them to enjoy our gratitude.  If you know a military family, make sure you let them know there are some amazing benefits out there that can help them and their families improve their lives. 
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