Monday, September 30, 2013

Chelsea Wicked Hot Sauce Review

Calling all hot sauce lovers. I had two bottles of Chelsea Wicked Hot sauce sent to my house. The funny thing is they packed it too tight and one of the bottles smashed all over my driveway. I love hot things and tried this sauce on lots of food. Hamburgers, chicken, chili, etc. It has a great flavor and it is very hot. The perfect flavor to give you a little extra spice in your food.

CHELSEA FIRE Wicked Hot Sauce is a giving company. They donate a portion of gross sales proceeds on a quarterly basis to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. I really appreciate a company that gives back and this is a great cause.
If you are interested in ordering from CHELSEA FIRE Wicked Hot Sauce, you can type in WICKED HOT in the comments section and receive a free bottle with your order. What a great deal!
You know how I like to keep up on all the happenings… so if you’d like to keep up with CHELSEA FIRE Wicked Hot Sauce you can like their facebook page and follow them on twitter.
If you are in the market for a some hot sauce for yourself (or for someone else), I suggest that you give CHELSEA FIRE Wicked Hot Sauce a try!

A wickedly flavorful blend of hot peppers and spices...


CHELSEA FIRE Hot Sauce, LLC will donate a portion of gross sales proceeds to honoring our fallen heroes.

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