Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Depressing End To Dexter

Our favorite serial killer Dexter is finished. No, he is not dead, but the show is over. I was depressed how the show ends. His son moves to Argentina with his killer hot girlfriend. His sister dies because he fails to kill the bad guy on his table. Dexter drives his boat into a huge storm, the boat is destroyed and Dexter starts a new life as a logger. None of this is any fun to me. Yes, Dexter finally kills the bad guy, but too late for Deb to survive.

I was a fan of the Dexter series until the last episode. This episode makes fans of Dexter want a few episodes that go in a different direction. Dexter actually going with his girlfriend and son into a new life would have been a better idea. He could set up shop in Argentina and kill some foreign bad guys. Dexter a logger, are you kidding me? Bad last episode, sloppy and worse ending.....

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