Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why You Should Not Invest In A Timeshare

  1. You have to make a spur of the moment decision. Big money decisions should take time and timeshare companies try to get you on the spot.
  2. The price is high-For what you get, the timeshare cost is too high. Timeshare companies try to get you for thirty grand or more for something you can get on eBay for a couple hundred bucks. Check now and get surprised.
  3. Don't Forget The Maintenance Fees-New Timeshares have 1300 dollar a year fees or more. This is beyond the thousands of dollars you already paid for that piece of paper that forces you to pay this for the rest of your life. 
  4. Timeshares are a legal scam-Timeshare companies want you to buy their timeshares, so they can continue to build expensive buildings and get rich. You never get rich. You really don't own anything. You are paying the bill just to be able to go on vacation.
I would actually buy a timeshare on eBay if it wasn't for the maintenance fees. I cannot see paying 1300 bucks a year to spend a week or two at timeshare. Remember, if you don't go, you still pay. Don't throw your money away and destroy your credit. This is not a house you are buying, it's a piece of paper that gives you a certain amount of points. You really don't own anything, unless you consider paying maintenance fees for the rest of your life ownership. If you really want a timeshare, look on eBay for a timeshare with reasonable maintenance fees. You will be happy paying 400 dollars a year instead of 1300.

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