Tuesday, June 2, 2015

My Grocery Store Pet Peeves

I just finished shopping at Publix. It made me think about my pet peeves when it comes to shopping.

When they block the aisle when you are trying to shop, this began at WalMart, then Big Lots and has now crept into the grocery stores. I know you guys are trying to save money, but give me some room to shop. I has to push a large cart out of my way today to get a box of cereal.

When the milk goes sour three or four days before the expiration date

When the cheese molds three months before the expiration date

When the cashier smashes your bag of potato chips.

When there is an inch of ice on the carton of ice-cream

When are the sale items are gone on the first day of the sale

When you are overcharged when you go through the line and the cashier sends you to customer service, where there is a long line you have to stand in because somebody made a mistake.

When you buy an item that is already expired, you didn't have time to look and the clerk didn't do their jobs. I bought pudding (one time) that had been expired for a month.

When you bring your packaged food home, open it and it is already spoiled.

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