Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Last Review Of Blue Green Timeshares-Don't Buy It

We went to the Timeshare for Blue Green last week. The people were nice, but they did their best to sell us the timeshare. The deal was 20,000 points for $60,000 dollars, which finally ended up at $12,000 after four hours. The people at the timeshare did their job and told us why it would be important for us to buy their timeshare.

Here's why we didn't buy.

I found the same 20,000 points on eBay for about forty dollars, but I still did not buy. Not only do you pay for the timeshare, you have to pay $1336 in maintenance fees per year for the rest of your life. There is also a $129 dollar club dues which you also have to pay each year. The problem is the company (Blue Green) makes all the money and the buyers pay for everything. I do not have this kind of money to throw away. Sadly, the Maintenance fees can go up each year and nobody can tell you how high they can get. I showed my wife where you can also rent a timeshare off eBay also and you actually save money compared to buying a timeshare.

The gifts-we paid $199 for $75 in gift cards, a three day cruise for two adults for three nights. We also got four nights in a room on the beach in St. Petersburg, FL which books for (on average) $150-$200 per night. We had to pay a nightly fee, which came to $32 total. This was not a bad deal because me relatives were in town from New York and they enjoyed every minute of those four days on the beach.

So in conclusion,, no timeshares are not worth it. Not if you pay the high prices directly from the company or the low discounted prices you can find on eBay. The maintenance fees will kill you and actually ruin your vacation.

Going through the timeshare for us was worth it, but expect to spend four hours of your time with nice people telling you how much you really need a vacation

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