Friday, June 19, 2015

How To Get Your Zombie Skin On Advanced Warfare PS4

I wanted to know how to get the zombie skin for my character on Advanced Warfare. I use the PS4, but I think the process may be the same for all the versions.

First we go to Exo-Survival and play Online through private match or online itself. We chose a private match because we wanted the skin and didn't have more time to fool around.

You have to play through three tiers.

The first tier you have to play through fifty rounds to get to the second tier. You can play any of the maps in each tier, but you have to play the fifty rounds to make it to the second tier.

The second tier you have to play through seventy five rounds to get to the third tier. Again, you can play through any of the maps. You will notice that you will start to get some zombie gear, but no zombie skin yet.

The third tier you have to play through one hundred rounds to get to the forth and final round. Again, you can play through any of the maps. You don't have to do this all in one day because your PS4 will keep track of the rounds you already played.

Finally, you made it to the fourth tier. You have to play ten rounds in the forth round, then the games changes. You have made it to the zombie round in the the fourth tier. You must make it through this round and escape the zombies to get your zombie skin.

Tips for the final round in the fourth tier. When you wake up, search our two guns on the ground. Run around for a minute or so, while killing zombies. Then go into the center of the building and jump up on the second level. The zombies will come after you and try to kill you. There is a shotgun on the far side, pick it up and kill the zombies. The game will tell you when it is time to escape, jump downstairs, run from the zombies and on to the helicopter.  If you do not make it through this round, you will have to start the fourth tier all over again.

You have finished and now you can get your zombie skin. Go to operator, go to customization, click on male, go to the zombie skin, click on it and you have a zombie skin. This is a lot of work, but you are finally rewarded with your zombie skin.

It took us a week to do this because the directions did not tell us to go online, so we played local and had to go through the entire thing twice. Hope you learn from our mistake and have fun, you are now a zombie. Your life is over.

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