Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Types Of Razors To Get That Great Shave

Types Of Razors

Shaving is a chore that men and women do on at least a weekly basis. There are various kinds of razors to use with benefits to each kind. 

A safety razor is often the first one used when you begin shaving. There is only one blade. The skin is protected with a guard that is around the edge of the blade. This is why it's called a safety razor. These are ideal for teenagers who are beginning to understand the concept of how to shave the face, underarms and legs so that there are fewer cuts. Shaving cream is a product that can be used to help soften the hair before it's shaved to make the process easier. Razors with a single blade are often less expensive, but they can usually only be used once or twice before he blade dulls or there is too much hair between the blade and the guard. 

If you want razor blades that cut a little closer to the skin, then consider getting double or triple blades. Each blade will go over the hair that you are shaving, getting as much gone as possible. While this might be a little more expensive, they can sometimes decrease the number of times that you shave in a week, especially for men who like to shave their face on a regular basis. 

One of the ways to use razors that will give the best results is to use them with a shaving cream or soap. There are some products that have chemicals in them that can irritate the skin whether you use a single or multiple blade razor. This method is called wet shaving as you use water each time you go over an area of the skin to remove the cream or soap. It will leave the skin refreshed and can save a little time compared to using other products that need to be massaged into the skin, followed by applying a lotion to make the skin soft.

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