Monday, June 1, 2015

We Are Trying P90X Family Style

I had major surgery 18 months ago for kidney surgery and major surgery because my kidney began to

Hemorrhage after the hospital sent me home too early. My blood level went from 1610 to 586. Anyway, it has been 18 months and I am finally ready for P90X. I decided on this workout because all my muscles are tight all the time from beer vending and from being over fifty and a bit out of shape. I couldn't do most exercises for the first year after surgery because my stomach muscles were too weak. My 11 year old son, almost 9 year old daughter and I will be doing the workouts together. I am starting with 24 pound dumbbells, my son is using 3 pound weights and my daughter one pound. The picture below is my son and I just before we began the P90X workout. After three workouts, I already find my muscles feeling less tight and I actually feel better. I am working out with my kids because I believe it is important to teach them to take care of themselves at a young age. We will let you know how this life experiment unfolds over the coming weeks. Kyle is a bit chunky like I was at his age many years ago.

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