Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pet Peeves-The Movie Theatre

I love bringing my children to the movie theatre. It's fun for all of us. We like the movie, popcorn and a drink. I can no longer have soda, so we find something in the machine to replace it. This summer, we are watching all the Harry Potter movies for a dollar each. We are also getting free coupons from Chick-fil-A.
Of course, there are some interesting things you have to deal with when you take your children to dollar movies.
The Pet Peeves-The nice way to say it.

  1. It begins in the parking lot. The school buses park in the fire zone, blocking all the traffic and remind you you are not the only people who want to see these movies.
  2. you can lean back on your chairs for comfort. They are not made for people to pull all the way down when they are trying to get to their seats. Who thought you could hurt your neck, just sitting there to watch Harry Potter. The seats are also not made for children to haul back and kick the back of them while you are watching the movie. Both of these do happen and I actually had to say something to one kid during the movie.
  3. The family or school who come in late and light up their cell phones to find their seats. It kind of interrupts the movie. During the last movie, one of the employees finally yelled and told the people to shut off their phones. I guess i'm not the only one who thinks about these things.
  4. the bathrooms are a disaster because of all the people watching the one dollar movie. This one I blame on the AMC. They should have somebody checking the bathrooms to make sure they are tidy. The first few weeks, there was no soap in the bathroom. It took three weeks to fix this.
No more pet peeves. The movies have been great, the popcorn is delicious and the memories with my kids will last a lifetime.

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