Saturday, July 4, 2015

Breakfast Review At Fairfield Inn Orlando Airport 7/4/2015

Now I have heard bad reviews about the breakfast at The Fairfield Inn Orlando Airport. It is true that the eggs are horrible. Whoever makes these powder eggs, has not figured out to add the right kind of spice to give them better flavor. I suggest a little bit of butter and a touch of salt. Not the green spice that makes them look like green eggs without the ham. The rest of the breakfast makes up for the eggs.

They have two waffle makers. One is for regular waffles and the other is for mini waffles. The line is long, but it is worth the wait. They have butter, syrup and whipped cream for toppings. They have bread and bagles with cream cheese and butter. There is a bunch of fresh fruit. You have mixed fruit already cut up and you have apples and bananas. There is oatmeal and a variety of cereals. They have two percent milk and skim milk. They have two brands of yogurt, with two flavors each. There are boiled eggs and the sausage to go with the green eggs is decent. They have delicious coffee, orange juice and apple juice. They also have a bunch of tiny sweet cakes to finish off your breakfast. This breakfast is just as good as all of the other Marriott hotels. I think the only real problem is the person who brings out those green eggs needs more training on how to prepare that particular food. Don't worry about this breakfast, you will eat plenty and you will be pleased with most of their food. Stay away from the green eggs, they do taste as bad as they look.

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