Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm Politically Incorrect

  1. I believe Government Healthcare is a waste of time and actually makes our healthcare cost more, unless you are those who get it free.
  2. The Supreme Court went beyond their power to make Gay Marriage legal in all states, going against what many states decided about Gay Marriage on their own. 
  3. I think if you are lazy, don't work and depend on the government, than you are lazy, don't work, so you can depend on the government.
  4. I believe some racial groups constantly complain about everything to get what they want and we spend too much time feeling sorry for them.
  5. Abortion is Wrong. Hitler gassed millions and was considered a criminal. We kill millions because we believe the right of the mom is more important than the rights of a baby and we call this legal. Something is wrong with our ethics.
  6. Our vote no longer counts/that's why politicians want to make millions of illegal aliens legal.
  7. Our government is corrupt, PERIOD.
  8. Mentally Ill people should never have access to weapons, they should also be put in asylums if they are unable to take care of themselves.
  9. Legal gun ownership is our right, but we should be responsible by taking gun safety classes and making sure our family take those same gun safety classes, so they understand how to handle a loaded weapon and how to take care of that weapon. 
  10. Prison Pants should be outlawed
  11. Churches should never be forced to marry people 
  12. Businesses should never be forced to marry people
  13. The Gay life has been forced on us through television, movies and through all media outlets. Your personal life should be personal and not shared with the entire world. 
  14. The Confederate flag is not the problem. Yes some people who use that flag are prejudice against black people. I don't think it should still be on a flag pole, but the flag should still be in some museums. I'm uncomfortable seeing the flag flying.
  15. I think Obama is the worst President I have seen in my lifetime and I believe our country is in a mess when a person like him was voted for as the President twice. 
  16. Our government putting billions of dollars into the stock market is wrong.
  17. I think we need an ultra conservative person to run for President. I think we have stepped over the line into Liberalism and are on our way to a Socialistic society and we need to turn back to God as a nation.

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