Monday, July 20, 2015

KastKing SuperPower Braid Fishing Line 150 yards Review

So everybody knows, this is how my reviews work. I will copy information about the product from Amazon, so you get the information from the companies own mouth about the product I will add a picture, then I will give you an opinion about the product in my own words. I think it is important to have the information from the company and an unbiased opinion, so you know the most about each particular product.
We did a video of this line on YouTube. My friend went through the process and we actually checked the strength of the line. It's tough. I have read reviews from others who say it doesn't hold up to what it advertises, but I don't think this is true. It held up where we needed it most, while we were fishing. We got hooked in weeds and grass and the line did not break or give way. We did have moments where the line tangled, but part of this was the way we messed up in casting the line. I actually like regular line better because braid fishing line is so sensitive, but it does have its use in the fishing world. Sadly, we did not catch a fish with this line yet. We had bass jumping all around us, but it was way too hot outside for the fish to bite. I'm just your ordinary person who loves fishing and this line has done a good job for me thus far. I plan to go to the ocean (in the near future) to see how it does in the salt water. Hoping to catch some flounder over in St Petersburg. 

If you want to see us on YouTube, just click on the fishing line above.

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