Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Month Doing The P90X Workout With My Kids

The kids and I have been doing the P90X for about a month now. My son is now using the 5 lb dumbbells, my daughter is using the 2 lb dumbbells and I am using 30 lb dumbbells. At first, the workouts were hard. My kids complained about them. Now, my kids do the workouts without any problem. You can see my son Kyle has already thinned out. Khloe actually did an extra workout after we finished a hard workout. The kids are also looking for healthier foods. I feel better physically and mentally. P90X is hard, but it is fun.

This is how we do our workouts. We do P90X three to four times a week and we walked two miles on our days off. I don't want to push the kids too far, I want them to get used to working out. Like it is part of your every day life.

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