Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Workout Right With Sweaty Betty

I have been a workout fanatic for my entire life. I picked up weights at twelve and haven’t stopped since. I have walked, jogged and biked more times than I could ever count. When you get older, working out is a whole lot tougher. You have to deal with lack of energy and pain. Parts of your body hurt sometimes, for no apparent reason. I work through the pain, knowing that my exercise routine is keeping me healthy and in shape. Things are different for my wife.

My wife never worked out growing up. She is a small woman that never had to exercise to keep in shape. As she grew older, she found out she has high blood pressure. The doctor told her to change her diet and exercise. It was time for her to begin working out to live a healthier life. I had to take my wife shopping for some workout apparel. If you are married, you realize you don't go to just one store when your wife needs to shop. It usually becomes an entire afternoon at the mall. This is why I taught my wife the beauty of online shopping. How many men really want to spend their time in the mall looking at comfortable yoga clothing, Sports Bras and Yoga Shorts?

I decided to show my wife that she could look at all of these clothing choices online at Sweaty Betty. My wife came home, looked online and ordered a bunch of clothes for her workouts. My wife does not like yoga too much. She had the yoga shorts, but the workouts are more than she can handle at the moment. I tried yoga and it is a lot more work than I ever thought it would be too.

Now, my wife and I both work out most every day. We also watch what we eat, adding fruits and vegetables to our diets. We want to remain healthy for the rest of our lives. I would love to play golf and remain active when I retire. My wife would love to do the same. If you are like us, I encourage you to go online to buy your workout apparel. It is much easier and you can find everything you need for all of your exercise needs.

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