Monday, April 28, 2014

Does Aspartame Cause Cancer?

I'm not here to try to sell you anything. I didn't do any special studies, but I did have cancer cut out of my right kidney last November. I am starting a logical conversation about Aspartame and if it causes cancer. The cancer society says it does not. The company that makes it says it does not cause cancer. And yes there are some nutcases on the internet trying to sell you something that proves that Aspartame causes cancer.

Here is what I learned from my own personal study. I was a Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke nut. I also used many of the products that contained aspartame. I went to the doctor and he found kidney stones in both of my kidneys. He looked closer and found cancer in my right kidney. I had an operation where he cut off five percent of my right kidney. The hospital sent me home in three days and I was rushed to the hospital on Thanksgiving day because my kidney was bleeding. My blood level went from 1500 to 646. I was in intensive care and had to have blood transfusions. I was told if I did not make back to the hospital that night, I would have bled out and died. So what does this have to do with Aspartame.

I quit drinking Diet Pepsi and Diet coke. I threw away all of the diet products that had aspartame because I believed there was enough proof that aspartame could have cause (at least) some of my problems. After I quit my bad habits, I felt better. Went back for my first doctor appointment after surgery and the cancer and all of the kidney stones are gone. I do have to go back and have checkups, but am hoping the cancer is gone for good. I drink tons of water and I stay away from aspartame.

This is my personal belief. I think the company that makes aspartame tells us half truths. I read studies that you had to have a certain amount to do harm and you could no do this in one day. They did not tell you if the aspartame could build up in your body over time. They also did not tell you that some of us could have worse reactions than others. Just like those who smoke cigarettes. Some people get cancer quickly, some get it over a long time period and others never get it. All of our bodies react differently and I don't see this kind of research. Put me in a study with aspartame and I may be more likely to die of cancer than you or a thousand other people.

I drink a ton of water now. I watch what I eat and drink. I am not a freak trying to make money off your fears. Aspartame is a product that I believe can be dangerous to some of us. It may do nothing to other people. Too much of many things can be harmful.

My doctor is one of the best in his field here in Tampa. He has no idea what causes kidney cancer, but he agreed me stop drinking Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke is a good idea for my health. He doesn't say it causes cancer, but he agrees it is a very bad product for me personally drink. It is bad for my health and could be bad for your health.

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