Thursday, April 17, 2014

Horse Raid: The Making of a Warrior Hardcover Review

For the tribes of the American plains in the Buffalo Days of the pre-reservation life, horse raiding was a chance for men to show their courage and bravery in battle. “No man can help another to be brave,” says grandfather to fourteen-year-old Lone Bull, “but through brave deeds you may become a leader one day.” Lone Bull wanted to be a warrior and he knew he could be victorious in a horse raid if only given the chance! But when Lone Bull’s father refuses to let his son and his best friend join the raid, what do the young boys do? They set off to follow the group with the help of grandfather! Will it all end in disaster?

Master storyteller, Paul Goble, brings to life this exciting and timeless coming-of-age story of Lone Bull, a young Lakota boy eager to join the warriors on a horse raid against the Crow. This newly revised edition features digitally enhanced artwork, completely revised text, a brand new layout, and a fascinating foreword from world famous storyteller, Joseph Bruchac.

We received this book as a review, the opinions are my own.

Horse Raid, The of a Warrior was sent to us to review. Both my children love reading and I am giving them an interest in history. When books come in, both of my children want to read them. Paul Goble tells us the story about plains Indian's and their horse raids. The horse raid was a traditional way for a young man to gain a good reputation in their tribe. They would fight other tribes, until the white man showed up. The wars with the white man were different, Indian's had to fight for survival. If they were caught, they were punished for their traditional horse raids, when they used them against The US Army.

The book is easy to read and filled with great illustrations. I love how the book teaches history in an interesting way. My children read the book and learned a ton of historical information about the Plains Indian's. The horse raids were used to make an Indian boy a man/warrior. This traditional is taught in many history books differently. The Indian is often taught as a vicious/evil people when it comes to many of their traditions. This book tells the truth, as a beautiful story, your children will love to read.

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