Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Cool Minnie Mouse Costume For Little Ones

It seems like our family members are all having babies. I love babies, but my wife and I have our kids and don't have the energy for any more. My sister-in-law had a little girl. Sophia was really grumpy for the first few months, she never smiled. She is now going on six months and I thought it would be cool if she had her first Halloween costume. I know that every little girl loves Minnie Mouse and everything pretty. You will see by the picture that Sophia's grumpy days are behind her and she is really cute.

Okay, so the Halloween costume is a little bit large for Sophia, but she is only six months old and tiny for her age. By the time Halloween comes along, the costume will be perfect. As you can see, this is a real Disney costume that looks very cute. This is also one of the first times I say Sophia with something other than a grump look on her face. She looks really cute and sweet.

Our entire family loves to go trick or treating on Halloween. It is good exercise and fun for the children. Our kids love costumes, but they don't wear scary costumes. There are enough scary people walking around on Halloween. I look forward to Sophia going with us this year. She will look cute and will enjoy her first year of our family tradition.

This second picture is Sophia in her Minnie Mouse costume, being held by Khloe. This was a fun day for everybody. You should have been here. The costume company sent us this costume in perfect condition, the shipping was fast. If you are looking for a costume (sometime around October), you should check them out. It is always nice to know where to go for that perfect Halloween Costume.

I was sent this costume to review, but all the views about the costume are my own.........

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